Under The Skin

by Edith Lane

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released April 2, 2015

Victor Campano- Guitar/Vocals
Edwin Diffey-Guitar
Alistair Dimmick- Bass
Jade Rockliff-Drums

Mixed and Mastered by Wesley Miles at Coloursound Studios Altona

All song written by Edith Lane.

Front cover drawn by Amery Johnston



all rights reserved


Edith Lane Melbourne, Australia

We don't like catchy things.

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Track Name: Bubblegum
I have never seen
Such a beautiful day
They always used to come
In several different ways
You'll tint me white
I'm malleable you say
My exteriors
Your interiors
We're inferior

What can you say?
What can you say?
What can you see?
What is not in me?

All my thoughts were clouds
On the clearest of days
And funny used to come
In several different ways
With so much make-up
That you were made up
And never weighed up
To my expectations
And so it seems
That we will never deem
To provoke masturbation
Track Name: Under The Skin
It's fading into the day now
I'm burning in the cold
There's no fire
No more
They're crawling on the ceiling
They're living in my head
Don't believe that
They're not there

The gravity of my
Emotions could bend
The light and the sound
Of the words I mend
There's no home for me
But there's a vacant lot in hell
And though the walls
They may be thin
But honey all in all
I'm doing pretty well

If I remember to stay calm
Just relax man you'll be fine
Just remember to stay calm
They're only noises you'll be fine

It's seeping into my lungs now
Absorbing into my blood
My hearts pumping
Poisonous love
The grinding enamel
The tick-tock in my jaw
There's no fire
No more
Track Name: Polaroid
Pristine old priestess
Don't pluck the gold from my sunshine
I weep for my daughter
Oh oh all the things I'd have taught her
It's dandy
Monogamy and brandy
That ain't gonna roll so slick
As angel skulls grow stupid thick
No matter what's said
On anyone's side

I went to the water
I dipped my feet
I called to the doctor
Please fix these crooked teeth
And he smiled
The rest they look down on me
Crying "Oh Li la li lo Lily"

All I've found
Is the beauty in sound/inside
Track Name: Quiet Observation
My body it grows
Tired from all the strain
Of a mind that knows
More than
A body can contain
The elegant plumes of smoke
Mark the front-lines in between
The City and the greens
I'm losing in the human race

The words he spoke
Rang a sound that was quite eclectic
The words he chose
Were always religiously poetic
But he keeps to his minor keys
Repeats himself within a history
Of some classics that he wrote
From the streets congested bloodlines

My heart it goes
Under quiet observation
As a letting go
Of bad dreams and salutations
As he hangs from his cupboard door
A stark reminder that forever more
She will sleep in another room
In a peaceful resolution